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Driveways and parking lot paving Fredericksburg, VA
Residential and Commercial Paving Fredericksburg, VA

Excellent work at a fair price. After getting several quotes that were all in the same general price range, we decided to go with Driveways By Us as they had some of the best reviews. Additionally, we felt that Michael was the most professional person we talked with, explaining the specifics for our job in detail, which provided an added level of comfort. From the time we got some trees out of the way, it was less than a week to get on the schedule, and the whole job was finished more quickly than I expected. We went from torn up gravel to the driveway in the attached picture, and couldn't be happier with the job and those who did the work. Highly recommend.


I'm on the board of a small neighborhood with private roads, we were in need of some over-paving on the main road and because of their competitive pricing, we were able to do more work than expected this year.

The communication was great and they were able to get the work done right away, the quality of the work was also excellent.

I look forward to working with them in the future.


Andy and his crew did an amazing job on my driveway!! We were so pleased with the crew's work. They were fast and friendly and the price was better than past quotes from competitors.

It was so good that apparently 3 other houses in my neighborhood had theirs done. This was just 3 days ago!!

Many thanks to Andy and crew!!


We recently had our driveway paved by Driveways By Us and the experience from start to finish was exceptional, professional, and transparent. Andy was able to provide a free estimate on the spot which was fair, reasonable, and fit our budget perfectly. At the start of the job, the entire crew was well organized, started on time, very professional, and friendly. As the job wrapped up the entire area was cleaned and taped off and we were provided a “how to take care of your asphalt” brochure to ensure the product lasts a long time. Our experience as first time customers was better than expected and we will use them for future projects.


We received a number of paving quotes to have our gravel driveway paved. Some appeared to be great deals but we had to “sign now, because the price goes up tomorrow.” We refused to be forced into any deal, no matter how great it sounded. The reality is, you get what you pay for. We also had one quote that was ridiculously high. No clue how that company even stays in business. I suspect the people that hire them aren’t shopping around or are desperate. After meeting with everyone and receiving 5 quotes, we opted for someone who was not the cheapest and not the most expensive. With years of experience in commercial and residential construction, my husband and I have learned that the middle-priced quote is generally the best one. We chose “Driveways By Us” because of their reviews online and, ultimately, because they suggested some things that no one else we had met with had even bothered to mention. They are a family-owned company and everyone participates…3 generations all involved in the day to day operations and manual labor. Dad, sons and grandson were all here working on our driveway, along with additional crew. They are a well-oiled machine and have the process down to an art form. Most importantly, they take pride in the job they do. I plan to recommend them to anyone that asks (which happens often as I work in the real estate industry).


This contractor was punctual and delivered on their written and verbal discussion. The finished driveway is of exceptional quality and exceeded our expectations. The employees were courteous and confident. I would recommend this contractor.

6/1/2019 Called contractor about small area sink hole settling that developed in driveway near house from previous construction. The company immediately sent out someone to assess the problem. The contractor owner and worker-bee came and fixed the sink hole. This is was great follow-up and service. I would choose this contractor again and again.


They all worked very hard and all were very considerate! They did a good, satisfactory job! It didn’t take long at all and I was amazed! And I loved Henry!


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