cracked driveway before fixing
Written by drivewaysbyus

Why Should I Fix the Cracks in my Driveway?

Have you begun to notice hairline cracks appearing in your asphalt driveway? While it can be tempting to kind of ignore them, and to put their repair on the back burner because of the time and inconvenience and cost you may be feeling an impending sense of doom about every time you notice another fracture in your asphalt’s surface, fixing the cracks in your driveway is not nearly as an expensive or time-consuming endeavor as installing a new driveway or removing and replacing an existing one.


Resurfacing, in which the cracked top layer of your existing driveway is carefully scraped away and a new top layer is laid, is a faster and much more cost-friendly alternative to removing the old and replacing with an entire new one, and is generally an option as long as the gravel base has remained solid. Besides often costing about half as much, the process is much quicker, and less invasive and inconvenient.


By removing the top layer of asphalt and exposing the underlying layer, any deeper cracks are able to be filled and patched in before the new top layer is laid, which reinforces the strength and integrity of the base gravel layer, potentially adding years to the life of your driveway, while maintaining the performance of the asphalt, keeping moisture and sun and heat and freezing temperatures from allowing any further damages to your driveway to occur.


Resurfacing your driveway also gives the exterior of your house a nice aesthetic pick-me-up, as well. It’s a fantastic, cost-effective option to replacing your driveway, and a better choice than allowing the elements destroy your driveway to the point that you have no choice but to remove and replace it. We offer free estimates on driveway repairs and replacements, and would be happy to send one of our experienced and friendly professionals out for a free consultation and estimate, where we can answer any questions or address any concerns you may have about repairing the cracks in your asphalt driveway.