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Understanding Driveway Resurfacing Costs

When choosing whether to completely replace or just resurface your asphalt driveway, one of the biggest deciding factors will likely be the cost difference between the two options. The lifespan of your average asphalt driveway is generally around 20 years or so, and as long as the integrity of your gravel base remains solid, resurfacing your driveway every 3 – 5 years will repair any cracks that have appeared, as well as prevent any further damage, along with giving your property a nice little facelift.


While, at an average of $3-4 a square foot, the cost to entirely remove and replace an asphalt driveway can run upwards of $10,000, choosing instead to resurface your driveway will run you about $2.24 a square foot, possibly saving you close to $5000. Choosing an experienced contractor, in this case, is a must. Removing the top layer of your driveway and patching, filling, and repairing any remaining underlying cracks with skill and precision can not only brighten up the exterior of your home, it can potentially extend the life of your driveway substantially.


Once you call for your free estimate, we will send one of our experienced professionals out to determine your available options. We are happy to answer any questions you may and explain anything you’re unclear on, whether you have questions about our process, our prices, or anything else.

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