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Bethel Church Rd Fredericksburg, Virginia Base and Pave⚠️ #drivewaysbyus

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Photos from Driveways By Us's post

#throwbackthursday Driveways By Us paving the old Liberty Lanes bowling alley back in 2004!

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Good Morning!

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Testimonial Tuesday! #Drivewaysbyus #1800asphalt #pavement #driveway #asphaltpaving #paving #blacktop #contractor #equipment #construction #homeimprovement..

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Photos from Driveways By Us's post

Selkirk Dr Fredericksburg, Virginia

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Timeline Photos

  • Commercial parking lot located in Stafford Va.

  • Milling 2" off existing asphalt.

  • This recently purchased building had an existing gravel lot. With the removal of what was there and bringing in some gravel for a sub-base, this lot was then ready for the icing on the cake.

  • Another satisfied REPEAT customer!

  • The circus is in town!

  • Old Forge Apartment Complex Resurface Parking Lot

  • Driveway at Lake Anna

  • Prepped and ready to lay.

  • Today we layed the parking Lot on The corner of Rt 2 and Landsdowne Rd in Fredericksburg, Virginia

  • Love the smell of this in the morning

  • From Highways to Driveways we clearly make you a smoother ride home

  • Today on Woodberry Dr one of the oldest homes in the county had their driveway paved. This home dates all the way back to the mid 1700s and has waited all this time to have their driveway installed by the best!

  • Before

  • After

  • During

  • Twin Lakes Driveway After

  • Loads Comin, Get it Hott!

  • Turn on the lightsss.

  • TGIF

  • Another Extremely Satisfied Customer!

  • Stop into our office 8325 Jefferson Davis Highway, to schedule your project. Walk Ins Welcome!

  • This is looking so good right now.

  • Our new headquarters located on Route 3 is now set to grade and will have curb and gutter installed next week.

  • I got good kids

  • 8325 Jefferson Davis is where you can anything to landscape your yard, from mulch for a flower bed, to an asphalt driveway. We Deliver!

  • Twin Lakes Driveway Before

  • Cox Auto on Rt 3 in King George

  • I'm different

  • Herdon Rd Spotsylvania, Virginia

  • Warsaw, Virginia

  • Before

  • After

  • Asphalt Driveway Lake Land Or.

  • Residential Driveway Woodford, Virginia

  • Hot Toppin

  • Culpeper Resurface

  • A bridge and wellaa... You have a finished product!

  • Rip Rap stones for water runoff in ditch.

  • New culvert pipes followed by a bridge and ditch in order to handle this massive runoff area

  • And the third one that we completed was a 380ft grade&pave.

  • First one today

  • Second one today

  • Route 3 project looking good Retail and Office space available soon for people in need of prime location.

  • A piece at the garage knocked out by 8 this morning and now a straight shot to the road.

  • All done

  • 3700 x 12 looking like a black ribbon

  • Second job today was a resurface as well as a repeat customer!

  • Where it all Started.

  • Round 3 knocked out... Lunchtime!

  • Mechanicsville, Maryland #1

  • A new tri-axle was added to the DBU family this weekend. Lettering and rims to be done within the next couple days. Will have some finish pics by the end of week. Stay tuned.

  • Mechanicsville, Maryland #2

  • Mechanicsville, Maryland #3

  • Mechanicsville, Maryland #4

  • An hour and a half later loaded up and on to the next. TGIF

  • Office Building Parking Lot.

  • Starting the third @ 1:00 in the afternoon.

  • Brown stone driveway at the lake

  • Summer 2013

  • My baby getting married on Sunday

  • Just beat the rain!

  • Caroline County, Virginia. 2500 foot lane knocked out at lunchtime.

  • Gulf gas station getting layed this morning in Bowling Green, Virginia.

  • Mechanicsville, Maryland

  • Red sky at night, a pavers delight!

  • #1 Today

  • That's a wrap a week in Breton bay Leonardtown, Maryland all week here 16 happy customers in all thank you all for your business.

  • (After) At king George all wrapped up, Another happy customer who's Life just got a little smoother.

  • St marys county md on the water Paving boat landing parkinglot today

  • King George, Virginia. Today big parking area at garage for approx 20 cars now 2100 feet of private road to the state maintained area.

  • All done roller skating time

  • Before

  • Friday here go

  • Another thing of beauty

  • 1991, Probably the only asphalt paver painted white, but training them while their young with a pro running it as well.

  • Time to pave

  • Before

  • Getting job preped

  • Private road in heartwood va today Someone comming home to life a Little SMOOTHER!

  • Thornburg, Virginia

  • Asphalt Resurface in Falmouth, Virginia.

  • Tappahanock, Virginia

  • After in downtown Fredericksburg va.

  • A thing of beauty!

  • Once we arrived on Thursday, three other neighbors also decided to jump on board and get there's knocked out with rates that were simply unable to refuse. All located on Route 621 just a half a mile from Route 20/Constitution Hwy Mine Run, Virginia. Here's an after shot of one of the job sites.

  • Heating up in stafford va

  • Another one of our customers chose us today to be there asphalt paving contractor located in Orange County, Virginia. This being a before shot, follow up to see the after.

  • Before #2.

  • This morning around 8:00 a.m. Loads lined up and already prepped to be paved a private roadway. Stay tuned for more later today!

  • Lenard town md commerical lot Paved with no tie up to customers Weekly work load

  • Lake Anna va today loading out TGIF

  • Before

  • Two Down, Four to go! Locust Grove, Virginia

  • After

  • Lake of the Woods, Virginia

  • Partlow, Virginia

  • #2 Partlow, Virginia

  • Job #3 today located in Stafford, Virginia.

  • Chancellor Christian Church Fredericksburg, Virginia. A finished project within a day!

  • Another happy customer!

  • Get em while they're hot!

  • After #2

  • Residential Driveway in Lake Anna, Virginia

  • From the looks of this past week it's about that time again! A few more weeks and then best to put all your paving needs aside and schedule them for the spring. See below a private road paved today off of Brock Rd in Spotsylvania, Virginia.

  • Who can remember where the shop was way back in the day when everything was green?

  • We appreciate the opportunity to earn your business. To provide customers a service of excellence is what we strive for. Thank you Mr. Canady. Enjoy your weekend everyone!

  • A beautiful paving forecast!