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Driveway resurfacing is a great, cost-effective alternative to replacing your driveway! As long as you have a solid foundation, you can have experienced professionals completely update the look of your home, while reinforcing the strength and durability of your existing driveway. By removing just the top layer of your driveway, contractors replace your pitted and cracked driveway, filling in any remaining weak patches and leaving you with a beautiful, brand-new looking driveway, at a fraction of the cost (and time and hassle!) of a full driveway repaving.


There’s definitely a window of time where driveway resurfacing is a viable option to a total repave. Cracks under a quarter of an inch are generally to be expected and not too worried about. I mean, think of all your driveway puts up with- besides the constant physical changes asphalt makes due to daily temperature change and our seasonal freeze/thaw cycle, it has to handle being run over and parked on by vehicles all day long as well. Cracks that are a few inches deep may indicate foundation issues, which could mean a full driveway repave.


Driveways By Us provides free estimates, and our service professionals are happy to answer all of your questions with the most up-to-date information on all of your driveway repair options. Driveways By Us has been serving the community and providing fast, professional results for over 25 years! You can reach us at 1 (800) ASPHALT (277-4258), or visit our website to check out some of our beautiful finished results and customer testimonials at www.DrivwaysByUs.com.

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